Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) will be selling fewer AirPods and iPhone SEs than it had initially planned. While supply chain issues have affected big tech companies, this does not seem to be why Apple is cutting back on its sales. Instead, the company is experiencing low demand for the budget-focused phone.

Apple TV+ wins an Oscar

In 2019, Apple launched Apple TV+ amid negative criticism. Many people didn’t think the company could compete with entertainment giants like Walt Disney and Netflix. However, the criticism has been laid to rest after CODA, which aired on the platform, won an Oscar for best picture.

CNN is also trying to compete for more online viewers. The news media has launched CNN+ on Apple, Android, and Amazon devices. Interested viewers will pay a subscription fee of $6 monthly or $60 yearly.

Apple is also working on a new subscription service that will allow its customers to subscribe to its hardware each month. The company has not revealed how much the subscription would cost and which hardware it will offer. Apple hopes to launch the service by the end of the year.

Apple purchases Credit Kudos

Days after Apple bought Credit Kudos, many people now speculate what the company’s next move is. Apple could have acquired the fintech startup to launch Apple Card in the U.K. It could also be trying to launch a Buy Now, Pay Later service.

Other people speculate that Apple wants to launch Account-to-Account payments through Apple Pay. Using Credit Kudos’ technology, the company could enable U.K customers to pay directly from their checking accounts.

Many speculate why the company took so long to incorporate open banking into its services. The hesitancy could be due to customers being afraid to share their financial information with big tech companies.

The Apple AirPods Pro are now on offer. The device, which typically goes for $197, is now $52 off on Amazon. This offer also comes with free shipping. The device is superior to the previous AirPod pro, which came in one size. AirPod Pros allow you to carry out a fit test to find the size that will work best for you. They also have a silicone tip for comfort and ensure they don’t slip out.