Facebook, which is owned by Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB), has found support from the US chamber of commerce. The body is asking a court in DC to refuse an appeal by some states to bring back the antitrust suit against the company.

The appeal comes after a judge halted the case against Facebook since the suit didn’t come on time. Other bodies that agree with the Chamber of Commerce are the Business Roundtable and the Communications Industry Association.

In the suit, 46 states challenged Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp. However, the DC court agreed that they took too long to forward the matter.

A former Facebook worker explains differences in workplace culture between the U.S and China

Meanwhile, Lucas Ou-Yang, who previously worked for Facebook, described his experience working for TikTok. Ou-Yang had worked as a software engineer and would create online marketplaces. TikTok hired him in 2021 to create its online marketplace, which would connect brands and creators. He now works for ByteDance.

Ou-Yang notes a significant difference between working for a Chinese and an American company. The first difference he saw was that meetings at ByteDance were larger. This change resulted from Chinese companies being less segregated and larger; thus, employees needed to address multiple people a day.

Ou-Yang admits that the work-life balance working for a Chinese company was worse than in America, as most employees worked from 9 am to 9 pm with only one day a week off. As a member of the U.S team, he wasn’t expected to work these hours. However, he would attend late-night meetings with his Chinese colleagues on occasion.

Another thing he noticed was that the Chinese companies put less value on documentation and process. They instead focussed more on having good results. For this reason, they were more efficient. However, the lack of documentation was also an obstacle.

Facebook location-based services for advertising 

While many advertisers prefer to use social media to promote their business, they could also achieve the same results with Google and Facebook location-based services. Such services help make your listing more visible to the right customers. In addition, it improves your engagement with potential customers.