It has been a week since, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) accused Reliance Industries of Fraud after this deal with Future Group. Future Group, a company in India, had sold its assets to Reliance Industries. However, Amazon India disapproved of this decision claiming that it went against its deal with Future Group. This resulted in a lawsuit which Amazon is said to have recently settled.

Future Group sold its assets to Reliance during the pandemic as it became difficult to stay afloat. Amazon was not happy about the company selling to its biggest competitor and claimed it violated their contract. Future Group, on the other hand, accused Amazon of trying to control its operations despite not having a relevant stake in the company.

All Michaels moves to Amazon Prime

Al Michaels, an NFL announcer, is going to Amazon Prime, where he will call for its Thursday Night Football. The details of Michaels’ three-year contract are still unknown. Michaels is not the first announcer to sign a new deal as Joe Buck has a new ESPN contract for $75 million in five years.

Amazon driver goes viral

An Amazon delivery driver went viral on TikToker after mentioning three things he wished he’d known before he began working for the company. One of his issues with the service was how delivery instructions for apartments could be unclear. This complaint is not exclusive to Amazon drivers, as drivers working for DoorDash have reported the same thing.

However, the TikToker also shared things he liked about working for Amazon. These include a voluntary time off policy that lets drivers take extra days off or finish their shift early.

RxDefine has hired Raymond Gilbert as a senior director of engineering. Gilbert will work directly under Mark Poole, the company’s CTO. He was previously the Director of Engineering at Amazon, where he took part in creating the Ring Alarm.

Meanwhile, Yahoo has released a list of the most comfortable shoes to wear at weddings from Amazon. One of them is the Dream Pairs Open Toe sandal which is on offer. The shows which typically start at $49 are now $37. They are not only comfortable but also stylish and come in seven colors.