The war between Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB) is sufficiently publicised. However, a brewing war between Apple and Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) is also getting attraction. This is due to Google’s business vision is advertising.

The company also added various stipulations to its privacy features through its play store. The company announced the additional private features sometime in 2021. The features are somehow similar to the ones put in place by Apple and issued the app developers with a 20th July deadline to ensure that the apps incorporate the features.

Apple has continued that launch privacy features that affect Facebook 

However, the platform proceeds to launch additional privacy features that make Facebook bleed out money, including predicting that one of the privacy features will cost the platform at least $ 12.8 billion this year. Several analysts question the war behind the tech companies. However, they also caution that the indirect war might lead to a higher decline in the tech sector.

Facebook will stock tracking its users using weather updates 

The platform is terminating various services that trail, including your real-time locations such as weather updates and background location in the event of low usage. In an alert issued to consumers that had used this feature, the platform stated that it would halt gathering data connected by these features effectively on 31st May 2022 and will erase any backup or stored records before the 1st of August 2022.

During the publication, Emil Vazquez stated that the disconnection was due to the recorded low usage in several locations. However, Vazquez further stated that consumers can still utilise the location services to administer how their location services are gathered.

The platform further announced that it would halt its resources in gathering location statistics. Thus, it proceeds to gather certain information for other experiences to accommodate crucial ads and location searches accommodating to the platform’s data regulations.

Several cryptocurrency swindles, alleged to be created by Martin Lewis, claiming to be advice on digital currency trading, are being shared.  Facebook’s Ad features comprise the promotions allege that following an investment ranging between £190 and £250, the consumer would produce an income of at least £3400 monthly. The links then transfer the consumers to an incomplete and badly designed website that tries to imitate the BBC’s website.