After AT&T decided to raise its prices, Verizon announced that it would do the same. The changes implemented by AT&T will be effective from June. The company’s decision will result in some of its customers, including those on Mobile Share and Unlimited, paying an additional $13 monthly.

This change is because of inflation which has increased the cost of living in the country. Verizon hasn’t raised its prices in two years; thus, this decision was unexpected. Moreover, the changes are likely to affect the cost of data plans. Verizon and AT&T aren’t the only companies increasing their prices.

Class-action against AT&T is settled

AT&T had also faced controversy over its administrative fee. The fee increased to $1.99 monthly in 2018, thus affecting its customers. A class-action lawsuit followed this decision and many customers hoped it could change things.

However, both sides agreed to a settlement of $14 million. This decision means that the company will continue to charge the administrative fee though customers will receive less than 10% of their paid amount. Many do not consider this a win. The agreement is subject to approval by a judge.

The settlement means that customers who use the postpaid wireless devices by AT&T and have lived in California from 2015 will get $15 to $29. However, the company has charged each customer $180 since 2015.

AT&T makes an announcement on purchasing noted

AT&T has also announced offers to buy all or any of the 54 notes described under Higher Coupon Offers. The company has also announced the purchase of the nine series outstanding notes described as discount offers.

AT&T has also announced a keynote address by its CEO, John Stankey. The event will occur at the JP Morgan Global Technology during a Media and Communications Conference. It will be on May 23 in Boston. Moreover, it will start at 8a.m ET.

K.H Lee managed to regain his title at the AT&T Bryan Nelson. This game is the second Lee has won since he started his PGA tour. These wins tools place at the TPC Craig Ranch. Lee has now been ranked in the FedExCup as No. 28.