Hindenburg Research has warned that Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) could be repriced lower if Elon Musk changed his mind about taking the company private for $44 billion. If Musk chooses to walk away from the deal, the company’s value could fall by over 50%.

It has been a month since Twitter got a deal to sell itself to the billionaire for $44 billion. At the same time, it received $7 billion in funding from big investors like Larry Ellison. However, shortly after Hindenburg gave its report, the Twitter stock fell by 4%.

Twitter in designing the Tweet Circle feature 

Twitter is designing the Tweet Circle to allow people to tweet at a small group instead of the whole platform. This feature will allow users to connect with a maximum of 150 people. People in your circle also won’t be able to retweet your posts.

Meanwhile, a California district judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Twitter by former president Donald Trump and said that the ban appears legal. Trump and other banned parties have until May 27 to amend their complaint and file it. Even after this move, the judge doesn’t believe that Trump has a case against Twitter.

Trump says that he had to run the military alone

Days after Mark Esper, the Defence Secretary, had a 60 minutes interview that discussed Trump, the latter has said that he ran the military alone as Esper was weak. Esper claimed that military officials like him would continuously swat down Trump’s ideas as dangerous.

Esper stated that they had to do away with ideas by Trump that would have harmed the country. Although Trump has defended himself, Twitter users have pointed to how he had repeatedly undermined NATO and tried to defund the military.

Scott Kelly, a former astronaut for NASA, offered ideas on sabotaging the Russian T-72 tanks. The Soviet Union previously made the T-72 tanks during the cold war. Since then, Russia has still been using them. Ukrainians aren’t the only ones destroying Russian tanks. Russian soldiers themselves have also been known to do it. Kelly shared his instructions on Twitter. The platform has not removed the tweets.