The first quarter of 2022 has created a lot of controversy for Facebook and its parent company Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB). Recently, the platform was in the spotlight again following its suspension of Ferdinand Bongbong and Atty. Vic Rodriguez Facebook accounts.

The platform alleged that the two parties owned accounts that did not adhere to the community guidelines. These guidelines include policies on violence, integrity, and respect for intellectual property.

Facebook suspended the accounts following the recent announcement by Meta that it intends to issue its users with credible and liable information regarding the elections. However, following the suspension,  Rodriguez claimed that the platform’s activities bordered on the high degree of disrupting a sovereign act.

Facebook bans a textbook in Florida

The platform recently made headlines following a 41% mathematical textbook ban in Florida due to its allusion to crucial race theories. Following the ban, Ben Shapiro applauded the county’s move in a Facebook post, thus leading to the platform’s toping.

In his post, Shapiro stated that he was proud that the state was treating this matter with the urgency it required and that other states should follow suit.

Shapiro’s post gathered a minimum of 193,000 interactions and 6000 remarks, and at least 13,000 shares, making Facebook the most used application thus far. Several textbooks were dismissed by the Florida Department of education, including 71% of Kindergarten submissions and 41% of the math textbooks used in public schools. The department also dismissed approximately 21% of proposals due to inappropriate topics, including the race problem.

Facebook would incur a hit due to Apple Inc’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) privacy policy

The platform began a raging war with Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) following the latter’s alteration to its privacy policy. Apple developed new privacy features that would allegedly cause a drop in Facebook’s revenue by $12.8 billion this year.

Lotame, a data management institution, analysed Facebook’s 2022 progress and revealed that the platform would incur a $16 billion hit compared to other tech platforms. The data management institution compared this impact with other platforms and revealed that Twitter Inc ( NYSE: TWTR) would incur $323 million, and YouTube would incur $2.2 billion.