Following the disclosure of some astonishing news about the iPhone ad aimed by Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL), Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB) recorded huge losses due to the release. The two companies are in the midst of an all-out war on what privacy policies should entail.

The issue intensified when Apple released its Tracking Transparency software that issues the consumers with the optional disabling tracking permission by applications such as Facebook.

However, most of Apple’s consumers voted against data tracking, thus costing Facebook a minimum of $ 12 billion.

However, Apple vehemently opposes this allegation by developing a white paper identifying its dedication to a privacy-preserving era. Recently, Apple announced that it was commencing its cookie replacement, thus insisting that it is practical to identify its consumers with ads but restricting the collection of personal information.

The company faces criticism for its public relations mandate

A conflict occurred between Meta and its Oversight Committee, an autonomous institution the company created to assist in negotiating the hardest questions directed to policy and detailed moderation.

Meta encountered criticism for delivering a public-relations mandate for its subsidiary Facebook, thus creating and funding the committee and designing a contractual connection. The company further rules on utilising consumers’ information, and it chose the committee’s initial members were chosen by Meta.

The two institutions seldom fought due to the discernment that the committee was only established for PR purposes and Meta executing the majority of its suggestions.  However, none of the failed suggestions issued to the company brew any conflicts between the parties. Following Russia’s attacks on Ukraine, the company requested the committee to advise it on the way forward. However, it terminated the request after acquiring backlash. The questions posed to the committee heightened criticisms of Meta’s ability to distinguish between consumer safety and free expression, thus rendering the committee obsolete.

Man who met a young girl through Facebook pleads guilty for preying on her

An inmate from Seattle implicated in the preying of a 14-year-old from Massachusetts recently pleaded guilty to federal charges. The inmate met the girl through Facebook and persuaded her to join him following his prison release. The 44-year-old was arraigned in court on 8TH September 2022, where he pleaded guilty to the charges.