A new bill was recently introduced into congress that will implement privacy consumer rules that could lead to tech companies closing down and affect companies like Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB).

The bill intends to prohibit institutions that yield a minimum of $20 billion annually in virtual ad undertaking from operating more than a fragment of the virtual advertising ecology.

The bill will implement limitations that directly affect institutions, including Google, which bases its business on virtual advertising. David Dinielli commenced his arguments by stating that institutions such as Google possesses mechanisms that depict the vendors and buyers. On the other hand, Meta would opt to follow suit with the other tech platforms, thus depriving vast segments of its advertising transactions. The legislation would also implement independent regulations that run smaller organisations, thus ensuring transparency and the engrossment of its clients.

Facebook’s input on the generated concern about consumer privacy

A recent publication by Youssef Sammounda disclosed that the implementation of Gmail’s OAuth identification code possessed various compromises. The exposed concessions indicated that consumers utilising the code enabled the professional blogger to hack multiple Facebook accounts using the consumer’s Gmail licenses. Through a publication by the Daily Swing, Sammounda revealed that he utilised the code which possessed compounds of the social media logout credentials.

The professional blogger reiterated the code’s potential to target consumers from social media. It is alleged that the social media platform offered the blogger $ 44,625 for the code revelation sometime in February and March 2022. However, the authentication code was attached to the social media’s weaknesses, thus making it a cyber-security concern

Karl Racine is suing Facebook

The platform recently ran into trouble following the Washington D.C. Attorney General suing its parent company. Karl Racine, the attorney general, is suing Facebook for its alleged connection to the Cambridge Analytica Scandal. The Attorney General is suing the institution’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, for allegedly getting involved in the process that enabled a foreign political consulting firm to misappropriate the personal information of the social media consumers.  The case details were entirely disclosed. However, the attorney general recently announced that all would be revealed in due time.