In the previous weeks, the subject of neurodiversity in the employment sector has been increasing, and various organisations, including Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT), are attempting to include Neurodiverse employees.

A recent interview with the company’s spokesperson, Cathy Donnelly, disclosed that the need to employ and maintain Neurodiverse talent is rising following the literacy survey. Donnelly further stated that corporations support workers while sharing their experiences and creating an initiative to expand this idea.

Several employers declare that disability is distinctive; thus, encouraging and advocating for the employees should be realised via more realistic mechanisms. Microsoft further executed a forum for individuals to discuss methods that can encourage the progress of Neurodiverse workers. The company designed the forum in 2017, being a group of employees that encourage neurodiversity in its employees.

The CEO of Activision Blizzard Inc will receive $500 million

Bobby Kotick, Activision Blizzard Inc’s CEO, is in line to receive at least  $500 million following the conclusion of the acquisition agreement. In the recent security filings, Activision disclosed that Kotick should receive $14.4 million as a golden handshake if the organisation should change management or if he is terminated from employment. The CEO further anticipates $2.2 million from the 4.3 million company shares, thus receiving $826,549 in compensation.

The compensation is shocking due to Kotick’s leadership run; the CEO was plagued with several complaints. The complaints ranged from a hostile work environment to the mishandling of assault cases. In November, several workers terminated their employment contracts, thus leading to a handful of petitions demanding Kotick’s termination.

Microsoft announces update to Defender software 

Microsoft recently announced the extensive accessibility of the stand-alone update of its Defender’s software for various professions. The new software aims to create adequate security to diagnose and issues answers that safeguard the gadget from other critical cyber warnings.

An online survey revealed that several organisations believe that cyber security is a crucial ingredient to businesses. Moreover, the pandemic saw a rise in cyber attacks against small businesses.

The company issued an acknowledgement note that honoured the military during the National Military Appreciation Month. Microsoft acknowledged all military employees and expressed their gratitude for their service.