Uber Technologies Inc (NYSE: UBER) and LYFT Inc (NASDAQ: LYFT) have pledged to help drivers sued under the restrictive abortion bill in Oklahoma by covering their legal fees. The Governor of Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt, still hasn’t signed the bill into law but is expected to do so shortly.

This law is similar to the law that Texas passed a few months ago. The law bans women from having an abortion before a foetal heartbeat is heard, around six weeks. However, most women don’t know they are pregnant at this stage. The law also gives civilians a right to sue people who help someone get an abortion. This could include a clinic or even someone who drives the woman to get an abortion. For this reason, Uber and Lyft drivers have been severely affected.

The CEO of Lyft, Logan Green, has stated that women’s rights in Oklahoma are under attack and that drivers have been caught in the crossfire. He adds that transportation should not be an issue for women who need to access healthcare. For this reason, the company is ready to support its drivers and their passengers.

Gladstein Law Firm is offering a weekend of free rides in Louisiana 

Meanwhile, Gladstein Law Firm offers free Lyft and Uber rides during the Kentucky Derby in Louisiana. The firm is doing this to reduce the incidences of drunk driving during this period. Gladstein will reimburse riders eligible for drinking who take a ride within Louisiana.

In addition, reports show that the number of accidents on Uber and Lyft has increased. The reason is the increased movements as the pandemic winds down. These drivers often need commercial insurance to operate. These policies typically cover the passenger in the event of an accident, even when the driver was not at fault.

Legal-Bay says it is ready to help with lawsuits

As a result, the number of lawsuits has increased steadily. Unfortunately, COVID-19 slowed down the cases, and there are many awaiting settlements. Legal-Bay, a law firm, now offers services for anyone with such a lawsuit.

Moreover, Lyft and Uber had difficulty finding drivers during the pandemic. For this reason, the performance was low. The companies have been assuring investors of an improvement.