Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE: BABA) recently announced its intention to replace the Lazada CEO following a Southeast Asia revolution. The company reinstated Daniel Zhang as its Lazada Group Executive Officer; Zhang is expected to replace Chun Li, the company’s current CEO. The decision follows a successful run with the companies incorporated in Southeast Asia, as the competition increases by a vast percentage.

Daniel Zhang was the leader of Alibaba’s Thailand venture and a one-time business assistant, thus producing efficient company services. Alibaba also recruited the services of James Dong. He will employ the reins of the subsidiary with immediate effect, while Li is to serve as a potential advisor to Jiang Fan, one of the Lazada’s Group Chairpersons. Li is expected to remain on the subsidiary’s board of directors following the announcement and shall play a vital role in the management of Lazada.

Details behind the appointment of executive officers

 The alteration in leadership follows the fight for dominancy in the Southeast Asia region. The competition intensifies with the tech organisation as there is the incorporation of reputable tech companies, including Sea Limited’s production Shopee.  The latter company is encroaching its territory in Latin America as well as other organisations such as Tokopedia’s GoTo Group, which commenced in April.

Dong created a suitable reputation for himself by working as a partner for McKinsey & Co and also served as the top official in charge of Alibaba’s globalisation and corporate improvement efforts. Further details on the official’s achievements and the terms of Dong’s appointment can be found on the company’s website.  Alibaba also noted that during the pandemic’s peak, Lazada’s orders increased by quadruple quantities. The increase in product demand made the official take on more duties to ensure that the company’s interests were protected.

Lazada’s consumers have doubled

The number of consumers using the Lazada platform doubled in the second last 2021 quarter. This was amid the company’s mall providing its consumers with quality services and products. The high-quality products listed its highest revenue which recorded a high growth rate. More information on the performance of the institution during the publication of the quarters can be found on Lazada’s website.