Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) has entered an agreement with Jefferies to improve the latter infrastructure by translating its information technology infrastructure to the cloud. Jefferies has agreed to use AWD as its primary cloud service provider and move some of its critical operations to the cloud.

This move will benefit Jefferies as it would enable the company to provide its customers with fast and high-quality services. It would also allow the company to cut down on costs while improving its services.

Latest Amazon deals 

Meanwhile, Amazon is offering discounts for the Nicwell Water Flosser. The device, which is usually $45, will be $30. Water flossers work by spraying a steady stream of water into your mouth to remove food particles, stains and build-up from your teeth. The Nicwell Water Flosser sprays water at high pressure enabling you to remove 99.9% of build-up. It currently has several good reviews on Amazon.

Another device that Amazon has on offer is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The device usually goes for $1199. However, Amazon has slashed the price by 21%, bringing it down to $959. This move allows you to purchase a highly sought after device. Moreover, it is the best offer for the platform’s laptop since January.

The MacBook Air with M1 is also on offer. The device is 11% off and will go for $900. This laptop is an entry-level laptop for Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) fans. You can purchase it in three colours, including gold space grey, and silver. It also has the new M1 chip that Apple manufactures. This laptop also has numerous positive reviews.

Amazon has also placed the Blue Yeti microphone on offer. This USB mic will cost $80 instead of the usual $130. The device is user-friendly and can help users accomplish studio-quality sound in various rooms.

Amazon has exclusive offers for Amazon Prime members

Amazon also has exclusive offers for Amazon Prime members. One of the discounts includes an offer on the Empune Extra Large Cutting Board. The board usually goes for $30 but will now be $12. It is convenient to use as it has handles for easy carrying and grooves on your edges to keep your kitchen surface clean.