Recently, Federal analysts and examiners commenced an investigation into the Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) Autopilot recent bumps. However, the investigators further announced that they would be enlarging their analyses of the electric motor vehicles banged into the stationed first responders’ motor vehicles. The announcement made by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that its investigation’s findings enclosed an estimate of 830,000 first responders’ motor vehicles with similar technology.

The analysts and investigators evaluated at least 200 Tesla accidents. However, they are centring on 16 accidents that included road labour and emergency motor vehicles. The investigations identified as an engineering analysis might conclude with a safety recall.  The regulatory body is investigating any information that alludes to Tesla’s technology as unsafe for all road users.

Details on the Tesla Autopilot systems and their significance

The electric vehicle mogul stated that the Autopilot is a helpful driver technology that was created to aid motorists with challenging driving parts. The company intended to create adequate technology that incorporates automated cruise management and other operations, thus ensuring smooth transitions on highways. However, during the launch of the autopilot, Tesla disclosed that the app still required to function with a focused driver.

The technology is also distinct from the platform’s current test program identified as the Full Self Driving Beta which deployed an estimated 100,000 drivers. Tesla anticipates creating technology that restricts the need to employ Tesla drivers in the future. It is also alleged that Elon Musk, the company’s CEO, repelled the estimates and dates of when the technology would be ready.

Details issued on the mode of the investigations

The regulatory body released a statement revealing that in some of the accidents, the motorist’s hands were placed on the steering wheel. However, the findings revealed that the motorists did not partake in any evasive actions in the 2 to 5 seconds before the accident. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Authority cautioned individuals that no motor vehicles could control themselves; thus, consumers ought to be careful.

Disclosed documents further revealed that Federal investigators commenced their investigations last year following reports of accidents of motor vehicles with the technology. The regulatory body detailed 16 accidents and 15 severe injuries reported.