Nashville, TN – American Rebel Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: AREB), known for its distinctively patriotic American Rebel Beer and a range of personal security products, has announced a promising distribution agreement with Dichello Distributors for the state of Connecticut.

This announcement coincides with a significant surge in American Rebel’s stock performance. Today, the stock soared to $0.7446, marking a remarkable increase of 144.45% with the day’s trading range between $0.4330 and $0.9327. This surge brought the trading volume to a staggering 365,764,133, significantly above the average volume of 261,580, reflecting heightened investor interest possibly triggered by the new partnership news

The partnership marks a significant step for American Rebel as it seeks to expand its market reach. Dichello Distributors, a family-owned business since the 1930s, has a deep-rooted history in Connecticut, starting when founder Anthony Dichello delivered Hull’s beer using a horse and wagon. The company, now under the leadership of Gloria Hall and her son John Hall, maintains its heritage of quality and dedication, factors that make it an ideal partner for American Rebel.

John Hall, President of Dichello Distributors, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration. “We’re thrilled to introduce American Rebel Light Lager to our customers in Connecticut,” he said. “This beer isn’t just about great taste; it’s about celebrating the values that are core to many Americans today – patriotism, freedom, and courage.”

American Rebel’s CEO, Andy Ross, echoed Hall’s sentiments and highlighted the symbolic significance of launching in Connecticut, known as the Constitution State. “Our partnership with Dichello is about more than distribution,” Ross stated. “It’s about making a statement and celebrating American values through our products.”

The introduction of American Rebel Light into Connecticut is not just a business expansion but a cultural infusion, aiming to bring together beer lovers who share a deep respect for the nation’s traditions and ethos. The beer, described as “America’s Patriotic, God-Fearing, Constitution-Loving, National Anthem-Singing, Stand Your Ground Beer,” is set to hit stores and bars across Connecticut this summer.

For those eager to try American Rebel Light Lager and get updates on its availability, visit The company is currently offering a free coozie for those who sign up, adding a touch of excitement to the launch.

This partnership is a testament to the enduring legacy of family-owned businesses like Dichello Distributors and their ability to adapt and thrive in changing markets, by embracing products that resonate deeply with consumer values and lifestyle.

About American Rebel Holdings, Inc.

American Rebel Holdings Inc. operates as a designer, manufacturer, and marketer of branded safes, personal security, self-defense products, and apparel in addition to their flagship American Rebel Beer. The company prides itself on its American identity and values, which are deeply embedded in all its products.

About Dichello Distributors, Inc.

Dichello Distributors has been a staple in Connecticut’s beverage distribution since the 1930s. Started by Anthony Dichello, and passed through generations, it now operates from its Orange location, continuing a near-century-long tradition of excellence in distribution. Under the leadership of Gloria Hall and John Hall, Dichello Distributors strives to be the top beverage distributor in the state, a vision they pursue relentlessly.