Today, SeaStar Medical Holding Corp. (Nasdaq: ICU) experienced a notable surge in its stock price, closing the trading day at $7.21, which represents a significant increase of $1.93 or 36.55%. The momentum continued slightly in after-hours trading, with the stock edging up an additional $0.01 to $7.22, marking a 0.14% rise. Trading volume was exceptionally high, with 3,664,638 shares changing hands, vastly exceeding the average volume of 113,147. The stock’s price fluctuated between $5.43 and $7.73 throughout the day, reflecting investor enthusiasm potentially spurred by the recent positive exposure at the Vicenza Course and promising developments in its medical technologies. This performance is particularly striking considering the broader 52-week range of $3.25 to $42.92, highlighting a volatile yet potentially upward-trending year for SeaStar Medical.

Recently, SeaStar Medical Holding Corporation (Nasdaq: ICU), a pioneer in medical device development, proudly announces the feature of its Selective Cytopheretic Device (SCD) at the 42nd International Vicenza Course in Critical Care Nephrology, which is taking place from June 11-13 in Vicenza, Italy.

The prestigious Vicenza Course is an acclaimed platform for the latest advancements in extracorporeal organ support technologies. SeaStar Medical’s participation, highlighted by two major presentations on its groundbreaking SCD technology, marks a significant acknowledgment from the global medical community. Kevin Chung, MD, Chief Medical Officer at SeaStar Medical, expressed honor and excitement about the opportunity. “Being invited by Dr. Claudio Ronco, a renowned figure in nephrology, underscores the transformative potential of our SCD technology in treating acute kidney injury (AKI) and other severe conditions,” said Dr. Chung.

Innovative Presentations on SCD

The SCD’s capabilities are being showcased through two insightful presentations:

  1. “A Novel Selective Cytopheretic Device” – Presented by Stuart Goldstein, MD, from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and a principal investigator for SeaStar’s pediatric AKI studies. This session, part of the “News in Pediatric CRRT” segment, sheds light on the device’s impact on pediatric care, a joint effort with the International Renal Research Institute of Vicenza (IRRIV).
  2. “Cell-directed Therapy: A Promising Approach to Sepsis and Other Dysregulated Immunological States, Including Acute Kidney Injury” – Presented by H. David Humes, MD, SCD inventor and Professor at the University of Michigan. This presentation, part of a SeaStar Medical-sponsored symposium, discusses the broader applications of the SCD in managing critical inflammatory states across various patient demographics.

About the Selective Cytopheretic Device (SCD)

The SCD represents a leap in medical technology, using cell-directed, extracorporeal methods to modulate the body’s immune response. This device targets the most activated proinflammatory neutrophils and monocytes, integrating seamlessly with kidney renal therapy (KRT) systems to promote a reparative state in these cells, thereby reducing systemic inflammation and enhancing organ recovery. This innovative approach could significantly reduce the need for long-term dialysis and other renal therapies.

SeaStar Medical at the Forefront of Medical Innovation

SeaStar Medical stands at the forefront of medical innovation, dedicated to advancing extracorporeal therapies that mitigate the severe impacts of hyperinflammation on vital organs. With a focus on pioneering science and technology, SeaStar Medical is committed to delivering solutions that save lives and improve the quality of life for critically ill patients.

This involvement at the Vicenza Course not only enhances SeaStar Medical’s profile in the international medical community but also promises to foster further research collaborations and innovation in critical care nephrology and related fields.