MicroAlgo Inc. (NASDAQ: MLGO), in collaboration with WiMi (NASDAQ: WIMI), has unveiled plans to establish a cutting-edge micro-consciousness quantum research center. This interdisciplinary institute aims to integrate various fields such as physics, mathematics, medicine, genetics, computer science, biology, polymer chemistry, philosophy, psychology, and sociology, focusing on the study of consciousness through the lens of quantum theory and advanced artificial intelligence technology.

The creation of the micro-consciousness quantum research center marks a significant step in bridging basic science and applied technology. The center will not only delve into fundamental scientific research but also foster innovative technologies and facilitate the transition of research outcomes into practical applications. By leveraging global resources and attracting top-tier talent, the center aspires to become an international leader in quantum information science, AI, neuroscience, and biology.

Core Research Directions

1. Quantum Computing and Consciousness Model:
The center will explore the nature of consciousness using quantum computing principles, aiming to simulate the brain’s cognitive processes and develop quantum models capable of complex tasks such as emotion recognition and creative thinking simulations.

2. Brain-Computer Interface Technology:
This research will focus on integrating consciousness with machines, developing next-generation intelligent interfaces, and using quantum encryption to secure data transmission. The goal is to decode brain signals in real-time, enhancing human-machine interaction and paving the way for future applications.

3. Big Data AI and Quantum Consciousness:
By combining quantum computing with AI, the center aims to create quantum-enhanced AI systems that simulate brain functions, optimize machine learning algorithms, and explore the potential of quantum features to boost AI’s cognitive abilities and creativity.

4. Quantum-Driven Generative Consciousness:
This initiative will investigate the quantum-level nature of consciousness, constructing a cross-disciplinary theoretical system to support the advancement of consciousness science.

Collaboration and Development

The micro-consciousness quantum research center will collaborate with top universities and research institutes in China, engaging in joint research and development, establishing joint laboratories and industrial institutes, and building engineering experiment centers. These collaborations will enable resource sharing, accelerate the transition from theoretical research to industrial applications, and provide researchers with cutting-edge learning and research opportunities.

About MicroAlgo Inc.

MicroAlgo Inc. is dedicated to developing and applying bespoke central processing algorithms. The company offers solutions that integrate these algorithms with software and hardware, helping customers enhance user satisfaction, achieve cost savings, reduce power consumption, and meet technical goals. MicroAlgo’s services include algorithm optimization, computing power acceleration, lightweight data processing, and data intelligence services, driving the company’s long-term growth and development.

Through this ambitious initiative, MicroAlgo Inc. and WiMi aim to unify quantum science and human consciousness, pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration and technological innovation towards a smarter, more efficient future.

MicroAlgo Inc. continues to attract significant interest from investors, reflected in its recent trading activity. The company’s stock has seen considerable fluctuations, with a day’s range from 4.64 to 15.00 and a 52-week range extending from 1.56 to 156.00. The high volume of 183,953,281 indicates strong market activity and investor engagement.