Salesforce made a statement on Wednesday, outlining that the annual Dreamforce conference won’t be taking place as was anticipated. The meeting was set to take place in San Francisco, but that won’t be possible following the uncertainties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus has so far disrupted operations in many businesses and even caused the shutdown of major cities globally. The spread of the virus continues as more lives continue to be lost. The government, at some point, introduced lockdowns as part of the plans to stop further spread. The loss of jobs has frustrated a lot of people, but the government and other well-wishers have been stepping in to help. There is a looming hope for a vaccine, but some far nothing has been found yet.

Salesforce hasn’t been spared by the deadly menace considering that it has to abandon some of its plans. The business giant says that the uncertainty as to when the virus will be combated is hugely battering its business operations. It continues hoping that a solution will be found in good time so that it can continue with its business operations.

It was sometime back that the company provided details about the scheduling of one of its events. It was an event for both customers and partners, and it was set to happen in November. The business has been forced to make a difficult decision, which is the cancellation of all the events that had been cut out to happen this year. However, it seeks to continue with part of its business operations, something that will be done virtually.

Contrary to how many define it, Dreamforce is more than just a convention. According to the business giant, Dreamforce has, over the years, stood out as the perfect opportunity for it to undertake the marketing bit. Such events usually end up grasping outstanding media attention. Major personalities have, over the past, attended the event, one of those being former President Barrack Obama.

It is also worth noting that the event has, over the past, brought about outstanding economic activity in San Francisco. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is taking away quite a lot.