Have you been living under a rock for the past two weeks? If not, then it’s a good bet that you’ve been inundated with news stories telling the tale of upstart retail investors suddenly emerging as an unstoppable force in the stock market.

Hedge fund portfolio managers everywhere are reportedly dreading the prospects of having to compete with or against the legions of retail investor market participants now storming the gates of Wall Street, and much of this stems from concentrated efforts by traders communicating and coordinating on Reddit, the decentralized social media platform now thrust into the spotlight as ground zero in the GameStop (NYSE:GME) short squeeze rally.

While the GameStop phenomenon might be winding down, another stock has recently established a presence on Reddit after mounting an epic run of catalysts in a unique niche: Clubhouse Media Group Inc (OTCMKTS:CMGR), a rapidly growing influencer-based media and marketing firm with a global network of professionally run content houses and a nine-digit following.

The company’s Reddit home base is now at, and it may be worth a look.

CMGR has exhibited tremendous momentum already, up about 700% in the past three months, and 300% in just the past two weeks. And it’s not difficult to figure out why. This momentum appears to stem from the scaling of CMGR’s dramatic growth in influencer reach, which makes it a significant force in the world of influencer-based marketing.

One can easily imagine a story like this – tied as it is to the world of social media on every level – catching on with retail investors, especially since the current retail bull market is uniquely centered in the social media universe.

From that perspective, CMGR’s Reddit prospects could be quite compelling.

Narrative Causality

For a little background, Clubhouse Media Group Inc (OTCMKTS:CMGR) is perhaps the most potent social media influencer in the world right now. It is a bit like a talent agency for influencers.

The influencers under its umbrella have a reach reportedly exceeding 100 million followers generating over a billion impressions per month. That’s a big deal given that the value proposition for Clubhouse Media is marketing products and services for clients or its own portfolio through its influencers, who live at one of a number of scenic mansions controlled by the company.

According to company materials, the Clubhouse offers management, production, and deal-making services to its handpicked influencers, a management division for individual influencer clients, and an investment arm for joint ventures and acquisitions for companies in the social media influencer space.

The Clubhouse management team consists of successful entrepreneurs with financial, legal, marketing, and digital content creation expertise.

The firm’s reach is already staggering, with an estimated 100-140 million followers already tuning in to its stable of top social media influencers. And the earned media has been making a splash, with feature coverage of CMGR over recent months in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Business Insider, Cosmo, Seventeen, and Forbes, among others.


Reddit represents eyeballs looking for stock picks.

Clubhouse Media Group Inc (OTCMKTS:CMGR) represents a machine for connecting products with eyeballs.

And the Clubhouse brand, as a marketing product, itself, is likely heading for more eyeballs very soon based on its recent announcement involving possibly the most striking story to hit the world of professional motorsports this year.

Specifically, Lindsay Brewer, a top Clubhouse influencer and an emerging star female race car driver with more than 2 million social media followers, recently signed on with Skip Barber Racing, a legendary motorsports brand, to hone her skills and participate in the 2021 Skip Barber Race Series, as well as the SRO World Challenge, which is expected to draw over 100 million sets of eyeballs.

And, if you’ve seen Lindsay, you know it’s a safe bet that most of those eyeballs will be focused on her as she whizzes around the track. And when they are, they won’t be able to miss the Clubhouse Media logo on her helmet and car.

That exposure should further fuel this ecosystem of attentive eyeballs – on the race, on the potential for growth for this ascendant business model, and on shares of CMGR as the stock reverberates in the Reddit retail trading echo chamber.

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