Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB)’s oversight board aka its Supreme Court overturned four of the five decisions to eliminate content.

The cases before the Oversight Board include Covid misinformation, nudity, and hate speech. Facebook removed a post of a Brazilian user, who intends to spread consciousness about breast cancer, considering nudity. He posted five photographs in the post that shows the nipples of women.

The Oversight Board (OB) directed Facebook to reinstate the post because it centers on improving awareness of breast cancer. In another case, Facebook removed the post of a user from Myanmar. The post comprises two photos of a toddler of Syrian origin who drowned while attempting to reach Europe in the year 2015. According to Facebook, the post is removed because of its prevailing hate speech policies. The board said the text along with the photo shows offensive acts towards Muslims. However, it felt that the post does not incite any harm or intentional hatred, and no need to remove it.

OB also reversed the decision of Facebook for removing content where the policies of the French Government on coronavirus are criticized. Facebook says the content is removed to prevent unauthorized use of unproven drugs like azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus. OB overruled that decision saying Facebook failed to form clear rules for disseminating misinformation on health.

OB upheld the decision of Facebook in removing the post that refers to Azerbaijanis and commended its policies in safeguarding the dignity and safety of people.

The Supreme Court of Facebook makes a new way for the users to appeal against the content removal decisions on both Instagram and Facebook. It is on the backdrop of criticism about how Facebook handles graphic materials, violent extremism, and hate speech.

20 members in oversight board

The oversight board of Facebook is constituted as an independent body in 2020. It comprises 20 members like the former prime minister and The Guardian former editor in chief.

OB’s decision will be a turning point

The decision of OB will be a turning point for the former US President – Donald Trump by the end of April 2021. Trump will come to know whether he can regain control of the Instagram and Facebook accounts and access his 60 million followers.