Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) has announced that it will push forward a bold security update for its 150 million users by the end of 2021.

Google making enhancing user experience of various products 

The announcement came from Google Chrome product manager Abdel Karim and assistant account security and safety director Guemmy Kim.  Interestingly what this means is that there will be a two-factor authentication or two-step authentication for Google. Still, the 2SV is likely to employ the same password authentication factor and a second factor.

Google Chrome’s 2.6 billion users should be on high alert as the company confirms various high-level hacks for the browser. The confirmation came days after discovering the 12th and 13th ‘zero day’ exploits, with Google publishing a blog post detailing four ‘High’ rated vulnerabilities so far confirmed.

Google TV introduces personalized Google Assistant help, watchlist, and custom profiles to enhance multiuser household watching less chaotic. With personalized profiles, users can access tailored Google Assistant responses, watchlists, and recommendations.

Google plans to phase out Material Design interface components used for the iOD apps in favor of Apple’s UIKit.  The switch means less work for iOS developers and means that Google’s iOS apps will not feel like interlopers on Apple gadgets.

Cloud customers can know carbon emission for usage 

The search engine giant plans to tell cloud customers the carbon emission level for cloud usage and open satellite imagery for environmental analysis. This is part of the push to assist companies in cutting and tracking carbon budgets.

Google is investing in Bangalore-based Open, becoming the latest high-profile investor to support the neobanking platform. The company has raised $100 through a Series C financing led by wealth fund Temasek.

Also, the company is bringing the Fuchsia OS to more smart devices and form factors besides smart displays. Fuchsia is the company’s latest OS for the first generation of Nest Hub.