Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) has indicated that there were no signs that the Twitter account of US Representative Maxine Waters was hacked, following an earlier tweet from her verified account indicated that the account had been deleted. The tweet read, ” I have been hacked and my Twitter account has been erased.”

According to Downdetectctor, some Twitter users across India faced downtime days after some users in the country also experienced Gmail outages. The Twitter downtime came six hours following a six-hour Facebook outage.

Twitter users criticize Kamala Harris and Kodak Black

US Vice President Kamala Harris featured in a YouTube video for World Space Day, seeking to inspire interest in space exploration. But,  instead of inspiring, there has been scrutiny of the event, with reports emerging that it was scripted including chid actors rather than having average kids with a real interest in space exploration.  The vice president was also criticized for her lack of in-depth understanding of space exploration.

Twitter also reacted to rapper Kodak Black’s conduct after a video of him grappling his mother’s butt and trying to kiss her went viral. In the video, the rapper was dancing with his mother to Rutshelle Gullaumes when the slow dance turned to a two-step combo in which Kodak palmed his mother’s behind and tried to kiss her on the lips.

Michael Burry, who became popular in “The Big Short,” has denounced what he labels class welfare and challenged the notion that rich people don’t pay taxes. In a tweet, he alluded that the rich 1% pay tax rate that is seven times that the bottom 50% pay.

Twitter introduces prompts that warns users of heated conversations 

Twitter is piloting new Android and iOS prompts that warn users before they can engage in a discussion that could get out of hand. For instance, one prompt says, “Conversations like this can be intense.”

A new Twitter account, @snlhostsintro, posts clips of Saturday Night Live hosts unveiling the musical guest.