Block Inc (NYSE: SQ) CEO, Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR), former CEO Jack Patrick Dorsey, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist Marc Andreessen have grabbed headlines for all the wrong reasons. The two billionaires are in the talks for the war of words that they recently had on the social media platform Twitter.

The battle turns ugly on Twitter

The tweets turned ugly on the micro-blogging platform, which ended in a war of words. The virtual argument went to the next level when Andreessen blocked the account of Dorsey, barring the latter from reading his tweets.

The billionaires reportedly argued over who will control the future of the internet

Through a series of tweets, the conversation was about Web 3.0 and who will take control over it. Dorsey commented that venture capitalist firms are all set to control the internet through a series of tweets. He went a step ahead and named the company founded by Andreessen Horowitz. The tweets are now erased. The same was followed by Andreessen blocking Dorsey on Twitter on Wednesday. The tweets and comments that the internet will be dependent on blockchain technology did not go down well with Andreessen.

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) founder Elon Musk also comments

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) founder Elon Musk taking note of the tweets, also commented questioning the existence of Web 3.0. Musk went on to ask if anyone has seen Web 3.0. In his tweet, he added that he had not seen it. If the tweets were meant to add fuel to the fire, or was his query an innocent one is anybody’s guess.

Malaysians take to social media to criticize their Prime Minister

The citizens of Malaysia are not happy with the way their leader is dealing with the floods that hit the nation. The citizens have taken to social media platform Twitter to vent out against their Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob. The people blame the leader for the slow handling of the emergency.

Hashtag ‘Do Not Donate To Government’ trending on Twitter

With help either reaching people late or not reaching them at all, Malaysians have sought respite on Twitter. However, their anger against their Prime Minister has escalated so much that Yaakob is currently facing backlash on Twitter. Hashtag ‘Do Not Donate To Government’ is currently trending with the ordinary Malaysian urging people to help the nation’s citizens instead of helping the government.