SHARE, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) ended its feud with Visa Inc (NYSE: V) when the former agreed to accept Visa cards as payment on its platform globally. This move comes after Amazon threatened to refuse Visa cards from customers based in the U.K. The company was also considering expanding the ban to Australia and Singapore.

Following the disagreement, Amazon wanted to partner with Mastercard Inc (NYSE: MA) instead. Fortunately, the two companies held talks to agree to new terms.

Amazon has also resolved its dispute with Elastic NV. This dispute was caused by Amazon Web Services releasing a data search product similar to Elastic’s. As a result, Elastic filed a trademark lawsuit against that company for two years.

The two companies agreed that Amazon when Services will no longer use the term Elastic Search for its service names or products. They did not reveal other terms of their agreement.

Warehouse elections in Bessemer and Staten Island will be in March

An Amazon warehouse at Bessemer near Birmingham will hold an election in March. This election is around the same time as another warehouse election in Staten Island. The Staten Island election will be between March 25 and 30 and in person.

The Birmingham election, on the other hand, will use a mail-in ballot. It is re-election from a previous election that the National Labor Relations Board overthrew due to Amazon’s interference.

The Labour agency has already sent out the ballots to Birmingham workers and expects them by March 25. It will begin counting the votes on March 28. The process could last for days, so workers still don’t know when to expect results.

Amazon offers deal on cordless vacuum

Meanwhile, Amazon has a deal on its Prettycare Cordless 4-in-1 stick vacuum. The vacuum will be 46% off, making it $86. This deal ensures you get a cordless vacuum that can be easy to use when cleaning. These vacuums are often expensive, and the Amazon deal is an excellent opportunity to purchase one. Moreover, the Prettycare vacuum is one of the platform’s top-selling vacuums.

The Prettycare vacuum comes with four attachments that you can change according to the surface you want to clean. You can use it on the stairs, curtains, cars, sofas, floors, and other surfaces.