Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) recently started a feud with Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB) after announcing its strict data regulations and policies. The company developed an application that tracks transparency in the latest IOS 14 updates, thus costing the social media giant a minimum of $10 billion. The privacy updates reduce tracking issues by declining to permit a platform to recognize the consumer’s taste in advertising.

The App also issues a unique code for its consumers when viewing an ad on any internet platform or via the advertiser’s website. However, Facebook recently issued a complaint against Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG), stating that the company has a deal with Apple thus isn’t heavily affected by the revocation feature. However, critics recently stated that Facebook’s business model does belong to the current generation, thus its recent recorded losses.

Facebook receives two new whistleblower’s complaints filed to the SEC

The social media giant received two recently filed complaints filed to the Security and Exchange Commission by its whistleblower Aid. The organization’s structure protects whistleblower’s in the U.S. and is the one that represents Frances Haugen. Haugen, the platform’s whistleblower, accuses it of lying to its investors about the efforts it took to challenge misinformation about COVID -19 and other plights.

One of the complaints alleges that the platform possesses material that informs consumers on topics including Climate Change. However, Facebook’s alleged attempts to address the situation as false and misleading. The other complaint alleges that Facebook failed to tackle misinformation about the pandemic and did not follow through.

Facebook will release an international version of Facebook Reels

Facebook recently announced that it is launching an international version of Facebook Reels that will develop new means of employment for creators. The feature is available in 150 countries, including Mexico and Canada, thus allowing creators to bring awareness to their communities. In addition, the social media giant assists developers in earning a living by expanding certain ads, including banner and sticker ads.

The features include Remix, allowing the distribution of stories and various areas to watch. The contents launch in the U.S. was successful and launched careers of various influencers such as Andre Gibson and others.