Consumers can now access these centralized crypto assets via tech platforms such as Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL). To control Web3 transactions, Apple and Google will control the contents and create terms by which consumers should abide. The applications added to the platform’s stores must play by their rules. Thus any content that the tech giants don’t agree to is pulled out with questions or hesitations.

The Webb 3 platform possesses several benefits, including its freedom to censor due to its decentralized form. Several crypto platforms depend on the currencies’ decentralized nature; thus, as the industry enlarges, so make its points on centralization. Critics reiterated that the crypto industry is reasonably user-hostile to some consumers; thus, some organizations developed centralized services.

Centralized services developed over the years include Coinbase, Rarible, Veve, among other platforms. In addition, some of the distinguished payment platforms, such as PayPal Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: PYPL), increased the crypto’s abilities to involve the public in transacting crypto assets.

Close call for Apple following Hostage situation in Amsterdam’s Apple Store

A 27-year-old man recently carried out a siege in one of Apple’s Flagships stores in Amsterdam by contacting the police and making specific demands. The man insisted on 200 million euros (equivalent to $27 million) worth of cryptocurrency and a safe getaway plan from the store. Local media publications reported that the suspect fired four rounds from his handgun and automatic weapon.

The suspect took several hostages, and the authorities’ standoff lasted approximately five hours. After the standoff, the suspect released the hostages and attempted to escape; however, the authorities hit the suspect with an armored truck. The Amsterdam Police reported that the 27-year-old sent various pictures to AT5, which showed that he had worn a bomb vest.

Recent Apple’s leak that reveals controversial iPhone 14 update 

A recent leak from Apple revealed several alterations made to the iPhone 14, including controversial and expensive updates. A recent publication by Elec reported that the phone would again miss out on a range of 120Hz ProMotion displays. Apple’s decision does not make sense in an era where middle-class smartphones conduct such updates.