Uber Technologies Inc (NYSE: UBER) and recently released Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber, an anthology series that looks into the rise of Uber. The first season of the series looks particularly at Uber’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, as he rose to fame and shortly became disgraced.

This series is based on a book of the same name that Mike Isaac, a tech reporter for the New York Times, wrote. It shows Silicon Valley as careless, greedy, and willing to do anything for success.

Super Pumped covers many scandals that Kalanick was involved in. These include spying on Uber drivers, sexual harassment, sexism, and Kalanick’s argument with Fawzi Kamel, an Uber driver.

The late show shows an old clip of Kalanick being heckled on the show

Meanwhile, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays Kalanick in Super Pumped, appeared on the Late Show to discuss his new role. Gordon-Levitt talked with host Stephen Colbert about Kalanick and how he did things wrong as the CEO of Uber.

In the middle of the interview, Colbert played a 2015 clip that had never been aired before. The clip depicts Colbert’s interview with Kalanick, which was interrupted by an audience member who felt negatively about Uber’s impact on taxi drivers. The actor pointed out that the audience member had a point as Uber avoided several laws that protected labor.

Spring Free wants to help Uber drivers get electric cars

Although electric vehicles are cheaper to operate than gasoline cars, their adaption has been limited to consumers. For this reason, Spring Free EV plans to encourage more Uber drivers to buy electric vehicles.

The CEO of Spring Free, Sunil Paul, was the founder of Sidecar, a ride-hailing service that failed because of stiff comparison from Uber. However, Paul hasn’t given up and is back with intentions to combat global warming.

Paul believes that using electric cars could reduce global warming. His company wants to allow buyers to pay for electric vehicles per mile. His first target is fleet drivers, including Uber. This move could be crucial in adapting electric vehicles by low-income individuals.

Moreover, while buying an electric car could save you money in the future, the cost of purchasing one is often high. Spring Free’s solution could make it easier for people to obtain one.