Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) has launched software that allows developers to label bot accounts. The labels will appear on the account profile and just under it on your feed. Celeste Carswell, a spokesperson for Twitter, the labels are for automated accounts made by developers using the Twitter API. Moreover, owners of accounts have to opt in to get the label.

Twitter previously expected to launch this by the end of 2021. However, due to a few delays, the company has released it recently. The label could benefit people who run bot accounts. Most bots are helpful, with some helping with advertising and telling the weather.

However, bots can also be harmful. Fortunately, Twitter has tunes that govern them. While the platform doesn’t automatically audit them, Twitter users can still report them when they violate rules.

Twitter expands Safety Mode Feature

Twitter is also expanding its Safety Mode Feature. The company launched the beta version of the feature in September 2021. This feature lets users temporarily block accounts when they receive abusive tweets.

Since its launch, the feature has only been available to 750 beta users. However, the platform will expand to 50% of users from New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, Canada, the U.K, and the U.S.

Twitter recently seemed to have issues where people using desktops couldn’t get it to work. Moreover, this problem affected more people from the West Coast. Shortly after the problem started, the company announced that it had elevated API errors and was investigating. Fortunately, the platform was able to resolve it quickly.

Donald Trump launches Truth Social Platform

Meanwhile, former U.S President Donald Trump plans to launch the Truth Social Platform on February 21. A majority of his supporters are happy with the development stating that the platform could be a haven for conservatives. However, critics point out that the Truth Platform has too many similarities to Twitter.

This platform will be the first project that the Trump Media and Technology Group releases. Trump has regularly complained about being censored by Twitter before his ban. This move will allow him to have a platform to voice his opinions without the threat of a ban.