Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB), Facebook’s parent company, recently released an ad during the Super Bowl shocking several users. The ad ran for 1 minute and 46 seconds with compelling features such as reuniting the a la Chuck E’s band.

The ad compiled new adventures that the band was to experience in the Metaverse. However, the company only spent 20 seconds advertising its latest app. As a result, the advertisement failed to receive the ovation it deserved, thus losing more consumers. The company has recently recorded a decline of consumers to competing applications such as TikTok.

Several reviews from consumers revealed that the company failed to use the actual footage from the app, thus issuing features that made the digital platform less attractive.

Texas Attorney General Launches Lawsuit Against Facebook

The Texas Attorney General recently announced that he sued Facebook for allegedly gathering facial-recognition data without receiving the appropriate consent. The lawsuit indicates that Facebook allegedly gathered sufficient biometric data on consumers illegally. In 2021, there was a similar lawsuit where the company settled with the plaintiffs for $50 million.

The 2021’s class action alleged that the company kept data of users’ faces and used it for its photo- suggestion tool without their approval. Following the class action suit, Facebook announced that it had halted the system and thus authorized consumers to tag the photos. The Texas lawsuit alleges that the platform utilized photos of individuals that did not utilize the platform’s services.

The suit also claims that the social media giant violated Texas’ regulations by neglecting to obtain Texan’s authorization to gather their biometric information.

Facebook announces its plans for France

Facebook recently announced its intention to launch Facebook news in France, which began on the 15th February 2022. A consumer can access the feature on the platform’s bookmark section and offer a platform for users to converse about the current issues in the country.

The platform is reforming its News Feed, thus labeling it to its consumers. In addition, the name change decreases the level of confusion that a consumer might have while accessing the newly developed platform.