Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) has been reaching out to its U.S Microsoft Store customers to offer a limited supply of Xbox Series X bundles. While the links for ordering bundles are connected to the Microsoft Account and unique, they don’t always guarantee the buyer will find the stock is available.

Moreover, the company has added some flexibility to its Xbox subscriptions. This change came after the UK Competition and Markets Authority voiced its concerns. The company has agreed to be more explicit about Xbox subsections to help customers better understand. It will also contact its customers and allow them to end their subscriptions. Inactive members will also receive reminders on how to end their subscriptions.

Microsoft is secretive about its cloud business

Although the company reported $50 billion in sales, its stock went down by 5% due to the 46% increase in cloud sales. While the company later rectified this, the decline in stock can be explained by investors’ lack of understanding of Microsoft’s cloud operations. Microsoft only releases the revenues of the cloud business every quarter.

Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity will also partner, and Gold Cloud Platform Partner will collaborate with 2bcloud. These Microsoft partners will work on customer solutions and advanced cloud acceleration.

Meanwhile, Microsoft plans to acquire Activision Blizzard. This acquisition could increase revenue for Microsoft’s gaming operations while giving it a foundation in the Metaverse. It will also become one of the there largest gaming companies.

The company has also launched a program to help small to medium-sized businesses apply digital skills. While digital tools help businesses grow and prepare for maker changes, they generally lack the skills to use them.

The company is also partnering with FedEx Corporation (NYSE: FDX) to launch cross-platform logistics solutions for brands, merchants, and retailers. This partnership will give customers faster deliveries and a smoother shopping experience.

Microsoft army goggles are not ready

The Pentagon tests office has stated that while the goggle system which Microsoft designed for the army has potential, it still isn’t ready for use. The company got the $22 billion contract in 2018. So far, the company has shown progress though they still aren’t ready for combat. Microsoft will continue to work on the technology.