The Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: META) executive Tom Alison has made some interesting remarks on achieving progress. He admits that they have something to emulate from TikTok because of the strategy that has enabled it to achieve massive success. It is a “turn-around” moment for Facebook employees. It wants its employees to conform to a new way of doing things to enable the company to achieve its goals.

Facebook’s determination

Facebook needs to sharpen its competitive edge, and one of the ways is to rethink the feed entirely. A leaked memo tells a lot about the company’s strategy. It intends to deviate from prioritizing posts from the accounts users follow and instead recommending random posts.

It was years ago that Facebook and Messenger split to become separate apps. However, a time has come for the two to make the unexpected move of coming together again. They intend to start mimicking TikTok’s messaging functionality.

One could probably read the motive behind the company’s continued emphasis on Reels. Analysts see a company focused on staging a strong and forceful response to TikTok. Change is inevitable, and TikTok brings that reality to the limelight. It is surprising how TikTok has risen pretty fast to become the legitimate challenger of Facebook’s dominance in social media.

Overcoming challenges

The completion is rather intense, which is also evident considering Instagram’s recent move. It seems to morph in ways that show it changing its strategy to look more like TikTok based on how it increases its focus on Reels.

The executives working with Facebook seem flexible to change and want to do the same for their company. They believe it is possible to win back the young users and deal with the stagnation issue.

Similar changes to effect in the past and one memorable moment was when Facebook copied Snapchat. Facebook witnessed Snapchat attain massive growth and wanted to move higher. The difference between that moment and what is happening is that the stakes are relatively higher.

Alison pushes for change and outlines that they need to change their attitude. He believes they risk a lot each time they dismiss a great idea citing it as invaluable to users.